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Fake marketing strategy

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  • Pankaj
    By Pankaj

    recently came through a advertising broucher which claims to have 1 lakh working hour in Hyperbaric intervention (compressed mode) where as company was formed just 3-3.5 years back . Even iam confused how is this calculation done over all . As we all know in a day there are 24 hours in a week it will be 168 hours and in a month it is 1260 hours and in a year it will 8760 hours . In any condition no machine will be under maintenance for 8760 hours maximum 25-28 days in compressed mode any machine will be there . Any how if we even calculate 3.5 years into hours also it will be 30672 hours still it doesn't comes to 1 lakh working hour in compressed mode . As of now even I'm trying to learn how to do this type of calculation 

  • Pankaj
    By Pankaj

    Gsee even on website they have mentioned 1 lakh working hours .

  • Ahmad Kader
    By Ahmad Kader

    Ha ha. Funny

  • Roberto Calvi
    By Roberto Calvi

    What were they thinking?

  • Paul K. Madsen
    By Paul K. Madsen

    It may not necessarily be the amount of work performed in this company, but the sum of the work hours of the persons making up the company.

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    By test user to investigate technical issues