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Calvin Barrows

First Name: Calvin
Last Name: Barrows
Headline: Interested in Metro Overheating
Current Position: Retired Civil Engineer
Current Company: N/A
About me

Calvin Barrows is a Chartered Engineer, latterly retired.

During his earlier, varied career his work focused on forensic engineering, to establish the mechanisms of structural and mechanical failures; then continuing as an Engineering Manager within the rail industry, he used his extensive, theoretical and practical knowledge of all construction disciplines, together with a holistic approach to creative problem solve.

Outside his professional career, he brought the same skills and focussed hands-on approach to his architecturally unique, self-build home and outbuildings in rural Essex, incorporating many innovative amenities to make it both user- and environmentally-friendly.

Together with his wife Sylvia, he also runs a small but successful property development and rental business, still making time to travel, visit the gym and go walking in the country.