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    • Martin Sirzo

      TBM Producers List

      Alphabetical List of Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Producers. CRCHI (China)  CREG (China) E-BERK (Turkey) EM Korea (South Korea) Herrenknecht (Germany)...

      • Paolo Kerguel

        World Tunnelling Hall of Fame

          When I heard the death of Richard James "Dick" Robbins, I have decided to start up this wiki. If your favorite person is not here, it is because we h...

        • Robin McAuley

          Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Cutter Head Y-Parts: A guide to buying TBM Cutters and Cutter Support Parts

            WARNING: This page is still under construction. Incomplete Content   This article is a buyers' guide to the Y-Parts used on Tunnel Boring M...

          • Pankaj

            Cutter and tools

                Shandong Tian You Tunnel Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production...

            • Ji-Yu Doko

              Tunnelling and Underground Space Associations of The World

                Korean Tunnelling and Underground Space Association

              • Robin McAuley

                TUNNELPEDIA - Tunnelling & Underground Space Knowledgebase

                A  knowledgebase with Tunneling terms, concepts. IMPORTANT: You can use any information in this Knowledgebase, provided that you give credits to this header page and the page you are referring to.

                • SchmidtManagementSupport-TBM

                  Looking for a Team Lead Tunnelling

                  Team Leader for Microtunnel Boring Machines, based in Europe. You need to fulfill the following to contact me: * Strong communication skills, with fluent English a...

                  • SchmidtManagementSupport-TBM


                    Hi, there fellow Tunnel guys.     If your TBM tunnel or NATM tunnel project requires, or you know about a project that requires Tunnel Supplies, plea...

                    • SchmidtManagementSupport-TBM


                      Dear fellow tunnellers, if you or your worldwide #TUNNEL project need skilled TBM, NATM or D&B workforce for any position, from Management to Rail extension, please contact me on and/or visit our site