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    • Paolo Kerguel

      Richard James Robbins

        Richard James Robbins (1933 - 2019) (Born: 1933 - Died: 30 May 2019 - Seattle, USA) Dick Robbins", as he has been known to the tunnelling world was a...

      • Robin McAuley

        Buying Advice for Bichak-Cutters

        WARNING UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Bichak Cutters ("knives" or "scrapers") are cutters used for boring in soft to medium ground. Basically they are metal blo...

        • Robin McAuley

          What is the difference between welding, soldering and brazing

            Soldering: Soldering is used to join two or more pieces of similar or dissimilar metals to each other. An example of dissimilar metals for soldering to each...

          • Robin McAuley


            Y-Parts is the collective term used for the spare parts used on a Tunnel Boring Machine's (TBM) Cutter Head. These are the parts which are worn most and need replacement most often during a boring operation.

            • Robin McAuley

              Conventional Tunnelling versus Mechanized Tunnelling

                Conventional Tunnelling Refers to creation of underground spaces mainly by means of manual-intensive processes and basic, general purpose tools.  Althoug...

              • Robin McAuley

                Tunnel Boring Machine Definitions

                WARNING Under construction. Incomplete content   Y-Parts

                • Paul K. Madsen


                    Ryfast is a chain of subsea tunnels in the southwest of Norway. Ryfast tunnels connects Stavanger (the fourth largest city in Norway) with the other side of the...