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    • Pankaj

      Useful information

      USEFUL INFO To check the effect of first filling and usual tail grease injection, outer face of segments from thrust frame to the beginning of tunnel (dead segments) may be inspected. First filling grease should be present on the first segment, and tail grease distributed on the remaining ones.

      • SchmidtManagementSupport-TBM

        Tunnel Supplies

        Dear reader, good day.   Hoping you are safe and sound. If you could spare me a moment or forward to me the proper personnel (Plant Manager, Production Manager...

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        • Paolo Kerguel

          Richard James Robbins

            Richard James Robbins (1933 - 2019) (Born: 1933 - Died: 30 May 2019 - Seattle, USA) Dick Robbins", as he has been known to the tunnelling world was a...

          • Robin McAuley

            Buying Advice for Bichak-Cutters

            WARNING UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Bichak Cutters ("knives" or "scrapers") are cutters used for boring in soft to medium ground. Basically they are metal blo...

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            • Chu Yang

              12.3-kilometer Xinhua Tunnel, part of the Dali-Lincang Railway open.

              • Stanko Novak

                New tunnel proposed for the town of Bilina in the Czech Republic by the country’s state road and motorway management company RSD as an alternative to the bypass originally proposed.

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                • SchmidtManagementSupport-TBM


                  For your TBM or other PLANT this software is crucial in regards to make the most of the TBM or other Plant Open-Plant can be referred to as an "Industrial IoT Platform". But that's not entirely right. Open-Plant does not follow typical Industrial IoT Platform norms. Most IoT Plat...

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