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    • Lutz Genscher

      Comment on "Wall posts"

      5 TBMs deliver twin 15.5km rail tunnels for Australia’s biggest public transport project.

      • Steve McMillan

        Comment on "item:object:river_object"

        Probably this tunnel will serve China to make the Uygurland a `more Chinese` land.

        • Robin McAuley

          Comment on "item:object:river_object"

          Scandalous. If this happened anywhere else, it would be investigated for a possible corruption. But in Australia, the political inbreeding brought us to where we are.

          • Tim Altman

            Comment on "Discussion replies"

            ...publish honeypot "news" in respected publishing outlets. And now they fire the same workers who may have relocated from other parts of Australia or even from abroad to work a...

            • Roger N.R. Denton

              Comment on "Discussion replies"

              I think the companies in the consortium know that it will be difficult for them to convince the public  and authorities in any future public tender in Australia.