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    • Calvin Barrows

      ...e with you my hypothesis on why London Underground and similar Metros worldwide suffer overheating. I'd be...9X9ajTCg2XFTJbDbCr_-/view?usp=drivesdk. This paper has been published worldwide in several Railway Journal...

      • Lutz Genscher

        B27 tunnel no longer has top priority in #Ludwigsburg. It would cost 150m euro. But the tunnel project remains in the wish list for now.;art19070,4290136 #Stuttgart

        • Michael C. Murray

          ...nland and McMurdo Base in Antarctica." #ColdWar

          • Lutz Genscher

            Istanbul Canal: Erdogan's dream, Istanbul's nightmare And great many tunnelling opportunities!

            • Abbas Shakir

              Dubai Municipality’s (DM) deep tunnel project to drain rainwater and groundwater is 75% complete, according to the director general, Dawoud Al Hajri.

              • Julian Buch

                Brussels: a subsidence in the Quatre Bras tunnel is causing traffic problems. The subsidence took place near a manhole, in the middle of the roadway, just before the tunnel, says Fl...

                • Dave Anderson

                  Made in the Midwest: #Akkerman's Tunneling Equipment

                  • Coert Klomp

                    Medway Tunnel to get almost £5 million of government funding for repairs #Kent