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    • Lutz Genscher

      In Swiss village of Twann, houses and vines have to give way to tunnels. That is the problem. Foremost for the bilogical winemakers. #Twanntunnel #Switzerland

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      • Andre Tarry

        How #Swiss #tunnel technology is controlling pollution a continent away in Santiago de Chile in South America Throughout South America, pollution from transport and machinery has been adding to greenhouse gas emissions while causing growing health issues. A Swiss programme based on technology de...

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        • Andre Tarry

          The 15.4-kilometer-long #Ceneri base tunnel is scheduled to go into service on December 13, 2020. The first train to depart at 6:03 am heading north. To start the countdown, SBB boss Andreas Meyer and President of the Ticino State Council Christian Vitta baptized a train from the new Giruno fleet...

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          • Coert Klomp

            Proposed Rosengarten tunnel in Zurich has been rejected by voters

              The proposed Rosengarten tunnel in Zurich did not go well with the voters. As a matter of fact it has been flatly rejected. The proposal was building a 2.3 kilometer long tunnel to solve the traffic congestion problem in the busy street of Rosengartenstrasse in Zurich and also buildi...

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            • Andre Tarry

              Final sleeper laid in Bözberg tunnel

                Swiss lay the final sleeper in the 2.7 kilometre Bözberg tunnel, the double track freight railway tunnel that does under the Jura mountain to be part of the line connecting the northern European ports and the Mediterranean. It will be operational end-2020. https://www.railjourna...

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              • Arie van den Broek

                Gotthard Base Tunnel makes it to mainstream publications

       The World's longest railway tunnel, Gotthard Base Tunnel is featured in a CNN article. It is surprisingly elaborate article as you would not expect from a mainstream publication. There are one or a few mistakes (one being `the Gotthard Base tunne...

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