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    • Adrian Olmex

      Readlist: The Science Behind Tunnel Boring Machines

      Hi, While browsing I came across this short but -i think- a very well written article. I think it is a great read. It has interestingly wide coverage -especially when you consider how short the article is-. Especially o get you interested in sysmic prediction systems. By the way, the articl...

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      • Adrian Olmex

        Robbins TBMs *really* rock!

        The Robbins company has uploaded on Flickr some great photos of rock tunneling. Beautiful. It shows tunnels bored by Robbins TBM. But unfortunately they have disabled downloading. So I can not upload them here at You must see these great photos at breathtaking rock formati...

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        • S. Disar

          Is it really the German Engineering which lies behind the success of Herrenknecht - the Tunnel Boring Machine company

            ------------------------------------------------ NOTE: My article has been censored by I was told to reveal my source (person) or delete the parts mentioning the things I heard from my source. If I did not do it, I was told my article would be deleted. TunnelCo...

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          • Adrian Olmex

            Robbins TBM bores the longest rock tunnel ever by a Double Shield TBM under 2.5 m (8.2 ft) in diameter.

            n August 2019, a small diameter Double Shield TBM made a big impact. The 2.46 m (8.07 ft) diameter Robbins machine completed 3,475 m (11,400 ft) of boring with no intermediate access, making it the longest rock tunnel ever bored by a Double Shield TBM under 2.5 m (8.2 ft) in diameter. The ...

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