New 14 kilometer rainwater collector from Moncalieri to Torino ending at Castiglione will run parallel to older one.

    Roberto Calvi
    By Roberto Calvi

    Collector Torino.jpg

    The Torino will have a brand new rain water collector tunnel running 14 kilometers complete with a prification plant. Excavation of the tunnel will start in 2020 with a TBM and will last 4 years all costing 146 millon Euros.

    There is already an old collector very close to the planned route. But it is 35 years old and can not cope with additional rain of climate change. Also the old collector flows directly to the sea with all the dirt of the streets. In contrast, the new collector will have a purification plant at the end of the line, and water will be purified before being released to the Mediterranean.

    The new collector tunnel will be 3,2 meters in diameter and it will at 8-12 meters below ground. The tunnel will be excavated by using a Tunnel Boring Machine.