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        Dear Members.

        We had been dealing with a technical issue regarding the FLOW part of our site.
        You may have notíced that the FLOW was not available today and a good part of yesterday.
        Now FLOW is back! You can now restart posting on FLOW again.

        Please note that other parts of our site have not been effected by this FLOW issue.

        We apologize for this invonvenience!

        TunnelContact.com Admin

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          Currently our Help is only in English language but we plan to expand it to our other site languages (Spanish and Dutch).

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            Dear members, we now have a Help (FAQ - Frequently asked Questions) section.
            Currently it only has one entry, but it will expand in time!

            Our Help is accessible via the 'Help' added on the main menu.

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              "Invite your friends" banner is temporarily removed until our technical team can find a solution.