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    • Coert Klomp

      Comment on "Breakthroughs in Tunneling - The 12th Annual Short Course"

      Tim is definitely an expert tunneling  and he is also an accomplished businessman in the field. I know that he is also doing business in far east (Thailand etc).

      • Paul K. Madsen

        Comment on "Breakthroughs in Tunneling - The 12th Annual Short Course"

        Both Levent and Tim are doyens of the tunneling. They do not get old. They just better and mature.

        • Lutz Genscher

          Comment on "Wall posts"

          5 TBMs deliver twin 15.5km rail tunnels for Australia’s biggest public transport project.

          • Paolo Kerguel

            Comment on "The PPS mobile traverse system"

            Very interesting. I did not think navigation in tunneling would be a complex matter. But then, I never worked in any tunnel with such tight curves. Very creative solution to say the least,

            • Engin Ünverdi

              Comment on "Overheating Metros"

              I am vary of clicking on googledrive pdf documents but it was worth it. Thank you for the document. To draw conclusions first the feature set (parameters to monitor) to...

              • Petri Anttonen

                Comment on "Overheating Metros"

                "London Underground seeks ideas to remove heat from its tunnels"

                • Roger N.R. Denton

                  Comment on "item:object:river_object"

                  Are gas guzzling motor vehicles on highways better for wildlife than tunnels?

                  • Joey Koleman

                    Comment on "item:object:river_object"

                    if you read the linked article, it says an Iranian company called Kayson builds tunnels at far places like Venezuela, Belarus, Cameroon, India. Can this be true?

                    • André Tarry

                      Comment on "item:object:river_object"

                      I think the title can be deceiving. The tunnel system Albarradón de Ecatepec was built by the European invaders, but the paintings found in the tunnels were painted by natives worked in the construction of the tunnels.

                      • Tim Altman

                        Comment on "item:object:river_object"

                        Environmental #pollution by #Enbridge in construction of Line 5 : Enbridge lost rods in the Mackin...-lost-rods-straits-it-didnt-tell-michigan-two-months #environment #harmful #tunneling #tunnels