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    • Robin McAuley

      Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Cutter Head Y-Parts: A guide to buying TBM Cutters and Cutter Support Parts

        WARNING: This page is still under construction. Incomplete Content   This article is a buyers' guide to the Y-Parts used on Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM). Y-Parts are the spare parts used on the TBM's Cutter Head. These are the parts which are worn most and need r...

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      • Robin McAuley

        TBM Y-Parts sourcing: Should you buy your TBM Cutters from TBM Manufacturer or from Independent Manufacturers?

        Incomplete content Y-Parts, the commonly referred for the TBM cutters, collectors, support parts etc used on TBM cutter heads can be sourced either from the manufacturer of the TBM you are using or from independent manufacturers. Do Y-Parts of TBM Manufacturers Perform Better than that of ...

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        • Gianluca Gallota

          Dressed to Bore - by Palmieri TBM Cutters

            Whereever you go in the world, you hear the brand for cutters. P A L M I E R I. They are used at the most challenging projects around the world. Why? Because Palmieri Cutters are simply the best. When you buy Palmieri Cutters, you don't buy some substandard quality produ...

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