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    • Dirk's Tunnel Exchange

      Charlotte is the first of 2 TBS to break through the ground for London’s new super sewer. It bored the Frogmore Connection Tunnel from Wandsworth to Fulham as part of the Thames Tideway Tunnel project to stop the dumping of untreated sewage to Thames river. #pollution

      Tags: pollution, pollution

      • Arie van den Broek

        Newcastle Tyne Tunnel will install new technology to allow drivers unable to pay at toll booths to take an invoice and pay later. It will cut queues and reduce #pollution it is estimated. CEO of tunnels operator TT2 says cutting queues was essential as traffic was expected to increase substant...

        Tags: pollution, pollution

        • Coert Klomp

          Silvertown Tunnel campaigners stage ‘die-in’ outside City Hall. #silvertownTunnel #environment #pollution

          Tags: silvertownTunnel, environment, pollution

          • Arie van den Broek

            The Environmental Protection Agency Is Letting Cities Dump More Raw Sewage Into Rivers for Years to Come

              US cities' aging sewer systems cannot cope with the ever increasing demands. At peak times, like during heavy rains, untreated sewage is directly released into waterways. Rather than building new sewage tunnels and in general upgrading the sewage treatment capacity, the Trump adm...

            Tags: E.P.A., pollution

            • Ji-Yu Doko

              Korea Residents complain tunnel blasting dust, noise pollution Hamyang - Ulsan Construction Highway 14 construction

                For Hamyang - Ulsan Construction Highway 14 construction, residents complaint about builder company Korea Expressway Corporation. It is second year for construction. Residents continuesly complain. It is in newspapers the site of Section 9 of National Expressway Route 14 forgot the b...

              Tags: 한국도로공사 고속국도, Korea Expressway Corporation, pollution, drill and blast, drill & blast tunneling

              • Roger N.R. Denton

                Victorian Government has new regulations for tunnel boring machine spoil

       The Victorian Government is sort of trapped in between the contractual dispute mess between Transurban and Spanish & Chinese contractors over who would pay for the disposal of the contaminated soil from the West Gate tunnel. At least to be abl...

                Tags: pollution, John Holland

                • Tim Altman

                  So much of Melbourne West Gate Tunnel's excavated soil is polluted that, they cannot find a place to dump it. Nearly 800,000 cubic metres soil and rock is heavily contaminated with asbestos and PFAS...

                  Tags: Australia, WestGateTunnel, Pollution, worksafety