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    • Robin McAuley

      Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Cutter Head Y-Parts: A guide to buying TBM Cutters and Cutter Support Parts

        WARNING: This page is still under construction. Incomplete Content   This article is a buyers' guide to the Y-Parts used on Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM). Y-Parts are the spare parts used on the TBM's Cutter Head. These are the parts which are worn most and need r...

      Tags: TBM cutters, TBM Y-parts, y-parts, cutter head

      • Robin McAuley

        What is the difference between welding, soldering and brazing

          Soldering: Soldering is used to join two or more pieces of similar or dissimilar metals to each other. An example of dissimilar metals for soldering to each other are tungsten-carbide bits and steel., In soldering, the metals are "glued` to each other by melting a materi...

        Tags: difference welding brazing and soldering, soldering tungsten carbide bits, y-parts