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Elektra The TBM is to bore a 5 meter diameter tunnel for power cables of Stockholm

    Jørn Sørensen

    The tunnel boring machine Elektra is going to bore a tunnel under the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. The 13.4 kilometer long tunnel will be in the depths of 50 to 100 meters and will be bored through the granite and gneiss. Expected boring speed is 100 meters in a week.

    The tunnel will be used for the high-voltage electric cables of Swedish grid operator Svenska Kraftnat. When it is finished in 2027, it will be costing 3 Billion Swedish Kronas (310 million US$s).

    • Hans Turekl
      By Hans Turekl

      Hi, which TBM brand/model, do you know?

    • Lutz Genscher
      By Lutz Genscher

      @Hans, follow the link. It says it is a Herrenknecht TBM. It says nothing about the model.