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Sjælland Residents (Zealander) Prefer a Tunnel to a Bridge As A Fixed Connection to Jylland (Jutland) Peninsula

Denmark Kattegat Tunnel


According to state broadcaster Danish Radio (DR),  the people who live on the island of Sjælland ("Zealand" in English) prefer a tunnel ti a bridge when it comes to a possible link between the island and the Jylland (Jutland) peninsula.

Sjælland is the biggest Danish island, if one ignores the Greenland (which is really a colony). The capital of Denmark is located on Sjælland. In the east, the island is already has a fixed connection to the mainland (Sweden) via a series of tunnels and bridges between Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden).

Now also a connection in the west to mainland Denmark, Jylland is proposed via so called "Kattegat Connection`.

Although the Denmark's government conducts the initial investigations for a bridge connection, the residents at Røsnæs and Asnæs want an underwater tunnel from Kalundborg. In DR's report, Røsnæs Development and Residents' Association vice president hints that a bridge and a motorway across Røsnæs would spoil the region. They say, Denmark needs a Kattegat connection,but it must be a highway southeast of Kalundborg, which goes down a tunnel between Asnæs and South Samsø.

Although any proposed connection, be it a tunnel or bridge, is expected to be via the island of Samsø, reportedly the residents of the island of Samsø are against any such fixed connection.