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Build the tunnel: It's time for Newfoundland to dig itself out of food insecurity

    Alan Limbach

    Newfoundland - Labrador Fixed Link Project in Canada

    Coronavirus effect on our way of life highlights the need for a fixed link for Newfoundland to the rest of Canada via Labrador. This is now more relevant than whether it will make some harbor, a ferry company or a port town unhappy.

    I completely agree with this CBC op-ed when it says 'Maybe the time has come to stop arguing and start digging'. Except the 'maybe' part.


    In the middle of a global crisis, and with Newfoundlanders worried about food and other goods, the island's supply chain was once again cut off.

    The Marine Atlantic ferry crossings have been cancelled a number of times due to weather, and the terminals in Port aux Basques and North Sydney have both been closed after already being on limited capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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