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E-BERK TBM breakthrough in Ergene after 10-kilometre-long boring

E-BERK produced Tunnel Boring Machine did breakthrough in Ergene project. E-BERK TBM is diameter 3,25m and bored for 10 kilometer tunnel.

The Tunnel Boring Machine named 'Lale' (tulip for Turkish) is of type "YBD" (Yer Basıncını Dengeleyici - Earth Pressure Balance) TBM. This is the second TBM that E-BERK delivers for the Ergene Water Drainage project in Trace region.

E-BERK is mainly known for its high-performing TBM cutters used in tunnel projects all over the world. But in recent years company also start producing Tunnel Boring Machines. After producing the first Turkish-made tunnel boring machine, E-BERK did first TBM export two years ago.

Company invested in tens of millions of dollars in a new TBM factory in Ankara. E-BERK has recently been shortlist for Diyarbakır Silvan water project for 11 meter diameter tunnel boring machine.

Turkish president Erdoğan has connected to ceremony via a video link. He said Türkiye is one of the 8 countries in the world which produce tunnel boring machines.

When E-BERK TBM Lale was in Ankara factory after production: