Tunnel Boring Machine Operator (TBM Operator) Singapore

Tunnel Boring Machine Operator (TBM Operator)


  1. Assist M & E team with assembly and disassembly of TBM
  2. All aspects of TBM operation including maintenance of line and grade of the tunnel while steering the TBM, as well as operation of the segment erector and annular grouting systems
  3. Undertake cutterhead and tool inspection during the drive, take charge of emergency situations within the TBM
  4. Identify and communicate any and all working environment safety hazards


  1. Minimum 5 years experience in supervision of MRT Tunnel and cable works and underground structure in Singapore or overseas
  2. Possess certificate in Building Construction Supervsiors Safety Course (BCSS) and Building Construction Supervisors Safety Course (BCSS-T), Work at Height Supervisor, Supervise Work in Confined Space Operations
  3. Preferably has experience in Driving Herrenknecht,Kawasaki or other TBM brands

Please apply at company website.

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