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Open-Plant: Revision

For your TBM or other PLANT this software is crucial in regards to make the most of the TBM or other Plant

Open-Plant can be referred to as an "Industrial IoT Platform". But that's not entirely right. Open-Plant does not follow typical Industrial IoT Platform norms. Most IoT Platforms are centered around remote monitoring applications, Arduino, Raspberry Pi... those kind of stuff.

Open-Plant is designed to solve real-world plant problems. This is achieved through it's simple approach to data connection, analytics and visualization. Being simple makes Open-Plant Solutions easily replicable to other sites. We continue to build an arsenal of solutions ready to be deployed to any sites having similar problems.


Should you like this software or need more information and pricing please contact below:


Leif Schmidt

SCHMIDT TBM System Powered by Open-Plant



Thai Cell:     +66 81 963 1982

LINE:            leif-schmidt

WHATSAPP:   +66 81 9631982

SKYPE:          leifschmidt