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Ryfast Tunnels


Ryfast is a chain of subsea tunnels in the southwest of Norway. Ryfast tunnels connects Stavanger (the fourth largest city in Norway) with the other side of the Boknafjord.

Ryfast consists of two tunnels:

Ryfylke Tunnel:

It lies between the island of Hundvåg and to the south of Tau on the other side of the fjord. On the day of opening for traffic on 30 December 2019, Ryfylke Tunnel is the World's longest and deepest sub-sea tunnel. The tunnel is 14,300 meters long and at its deepest point, it is 292 meters below the sea level.

Hundvåg Tunnel

It lies between the city of Stavanger and the island of Hundvåg. Its length is 5,500 meters.