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Comments on Breakthroughs in Tunneling - The 12th Annual Short Course

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Breakthroughs in Tunneling - The 12th Annual Short Course

By Roger N.R. Denton
12th Annual BREAKTHROUGHS IN TUNNELING Short Course  - Denver, Colorado Celebrating its 12th year, the Breakthroughs in Tunneling Short Course is the longest running and most-attended course of its kind. Presented by leading practitioners...
  • Ali T. Bashar
    By Ali T. Bashar

    Has anybody been to this course before? Can you recommend it?

  • Peter R. Morgan
    By Peter R. Morgan

    I cannot speak for the course itself but I know that Levent Ozdemir is a top academician in his field and Timothy Coss is a very experienced tunnel export with a lot of international contacts. Full disclosure: I never met Mr Coss face to face but once I came close to doing business with Mr Coss but it did not materialize.

    To cut the long story short', I can say that both Mr Ozdemir and Coss are experts in their fields. There would definitely be some interesting knowledge and experience you will be taking away from this course.

  • Coert Klomp
    By Coert Klomp

    Tim is definitely an expert tunneling  and he is also an accomplished businessman in the field. I know that he is also doing business in far east (Thailand etc).

  • Paul K. Madsen
    By Paul K. Madsen

    Both Levent and Tim are doyens of the tunneling. They do not get old. They just better and mature.