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Overheating Metros

I would share with you my hypothesis on why London Underground and similar Metros worldwide suffer overheating. I'd be happy for your feedback.
This paper has been published worldwide in several Railway Journals and I recently appeared on the BBC New Channel's programme - Weather World. One significant Train Manufacturer had asked me to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation for them to deliver to their customers, which I have now completed. They are moving forward on this with their specialists.
I would like to generate some serious discussion on the subject so that interest can be turned into action.

  • Engin Ünverdi
    By Engin Ünverdi

    I am vary of clicking on googledrive pdf documents but it was worth it. Thank you for the document.

    To draw conclusions first the feature set (parameters to monitor) to be defined. Time/Date weather on the day/time', how many kilometers it tides ouverground, materials used in the train cars, diameter of the tunnels, size of the cars, train propulsion system etc are some examples of the parameters that I can think of now.

    Then data needs to be collected over a period of time (year?). Then hire a Data Scientist and  get insight from this data. The insight will be specific to London metro until this process is repeated in enough number of other metro systems. Then a general insight can be obtained and then an action can be taken.

  • Calvin Barrows
    By Calvin Barrows

    Thanks for you comments and advice.  Broadly i had an idea of what needs doing but you have added some usefull detail to clarify the matter.

    I am unfunded, and taking this on in my retirement, so there is no way i could set up such extensive monitoring even if London Underground would let me.  The bigger block to doing such monitoring is their not wanting to engage with me, which is why i have gone worldwide, because they will be left behind as others consider what my hypothesis has brought to the table.

  • Engin Ünverdi
    By Engin Ünverdi

    It is unwisest thing if you spend your savings on it. Your job is initiator. The art is to motivate, bring together different parties to do it. It is easy to say difficult to do. Example, you can invite environment groups, you can talk to metro car producers Bombardier, Siemens, Korea and China manufacturers. Coating paint manufacturers, Add environment flavour to it. Cooling without cost to global warming NO AIRCONDITIONING. They will help funding.

    It is not easy, You will work a lot. If you do not reach that critical mass all your efforts will be useless. But if you reach there, then bum! It will be snowball get bigger and bigger.

  • Calvin Barrows
    By Calvin Barrows

    Yes,  I have had some success with a significant Train Manufacturer.  Less so though with paint and glass manufacturers.  Like on this site, LinkedIn has produced some amazing results but the majority of connections are fairly passive.  Many have said thanks, we'll read it and get back to you, and I never hear anything further.  Conversely, as an example, one person from a Railway Magazine in Nigeria had, with my permission, published my paper within 1.5 hours of our making contact and other magazine leads are busy promoting my hypothsis on their social media, having published my paper(s) first in their magazines.  So I know all will come good if I keep pegging away and I am grateful for the moral and tangible support I am recieving from people like yourself.

  • Tim Altman
    By Tim Altman

    You might also try getting some research grants from UK government, Or from European Union. A colleague of mine from Germany applied and got partial funding from a European research fund. It requires you to find partners in other countries and academia though.

  • Ari G.J. van der Dijk
    By Ari G.J. van der Dijk

    i would go for gov or eu funds. it is most likely with right combination of a company, university collabration team you can get funded.

    A friend of mine was in such collaborative thing. In my humble opinion their project was not very hard core - i keep the details to myself to protect the innocent- they got pretty well funded.

    if you go for cream of the cream funds like horizon2020 your chances are slim, better go for smaller ones like cornet ( Teaming up with university and company is essential.

  • Danilo Merges
    By Danilo Merges

    I say keep away from academic types. Big egos and not work. They want credit but no work.

  • Chu Yang
    By Chu Yang

    sometime bad design and overheating.

  • Calvin Barrows
    By Calvin Barrows

    Someone asked to see the Weather World Video but my mobile crashed and i lost the alert.  Herewith for that person and anyone else who may be interested.

  • Erdem Mertoğlu
    By Erdem Mertoğlu

    I like it. İnteresting.

  • Petri Anttonen
    By Petri Anttonen

    London Underground seeks ideas to remove heat from its tunnels

    London Underground is looking for ideas to make use of the heat in its tube tunnels.

  • Petri Anttonen
    By Petri Anttonen

    Thank you for the paper Calvin.