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Helsinki - Tallinn Tunnel: Regional council to vote on competing visions

    Paul K. Madsen
    By Paul K. Madsen Replies (4)


    Uusimaa Regional Council in Finland will be working on the route of the future Helsinki - Tallinn railway.

    Basically the discussion is over the route of the tunnel on the Finnish side. The Finest consortium (a private one lead by Finnish high-tech entrepreneur Peter Vesterbacka) proposes a tunnel which connects the Tallinn and Helsinki airports via Espoo. Local authorities, on the other hand, want the tunnel first arrive at Helsinki's Central Station and then stop at Pasila station before reaching the Helsinki airtport in Vantaa.

    There are additional issues which further complicate the final decision like gauge sizes, multiple competing tunnels, tunnel depths, Chinese involvement etc etc.

    Most of these are already very well covered in the following article. Even better, it is in English: