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FINEST *** Finland - Estonia (Helsinki - Tallinn) Tunnel Project

FINEST *** Finland - Estonia (Helsinki - Tallinn) Tunnel Project

Owner: Paul K. Madsen

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About the project


    FinEst Link Helsinki–Tallinn Tunnel

    FinEst Link or Talsinki tunnel is the proposed fixed connection between the cities of Helsinki in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia.

    The purpose of the proposed project is to develop mobility between Helsinki and Tallinn and to provide the framework for deepening economic co-operation between Helsinki and Tallinn.

    The proposed tunnel link is also called 'Talsinki Tunnel', as this part of the Gulf of Finland is called 'Talinski' area.

    FinEst Link Helsinki–Tallinn Tunnel Inclined Access Point on Artificial Island (Finland side)

    Above: Inclined Tunnel Access Point on artificial island to be created on Finnish side

    FinEst Link Helsinki–Tallinn Tunnel tubes


    There are two parallel running initiatives of the subsea tunnel. The one commissioned by the Finnish and the Estonian authorities which in February 2017 commissioned two consortia were commissioned to study aspects of the project. One will study passenger and freight volumes and do a cost-benefit analysis. The other will study the technical aspects of the project.

    The second initiative is the one which moved forward inIn March 2019 by (Angry Birds computer game founder) Peter Vesterbacka. Vesterbacka has made a tentative deal with chinese investment company called Touchstone Capital Partners. The deal consists of memorandum of understanding for a 15 billion euros financial deal to fund 4 stations, the tunnel and the trains.


    Video about the FinEst initiative : https://youtu.be/OmZsqMq5mXw


    images by FinEst Link Feasibility Study.




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