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ITA Tunnelling Awards 2019 - Here are the finalists and the WINNERS!

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Updated - WINNERS are marked as WINNER in the list of finalists below!

ITA Announcement

The ITA Tunnelling Awards 2019 - The list of finalists disclosed

Since the first edition in 2015 by the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association, the first fourth editions of the ITA Tunnelling Awards gathered already nearly 1,000 attendees and more than 310 candidacies.

A few months before the event, the judges have examined the submitted candidacies and selected a list of finalists for each of 8 categories.

The 17-strong expert judging panel, chaired by the ITA President Jinxiu (Jenny) Yan, has concluded its deliberation and based on the detailed evaluation, 32 entries have been chosen as finalists and will participate in the second evaluation stage to determine winners.

For the category "Major Project of the Year" (with a budget over 500 M€)

  • The EPC TBM Follo Line Project    [Norway]
  • The Seoul Metropolitan High-Speed Railway(Suseo~Pyeongtaek) Construction Project(Yulhyeon Tunnel)   [South Korea]
  • WINNER ----- Tuen-Mun - Chek Lap Kok Link - Northern Connection Subsea Tunnel Section   Hong Kong, [China]
  • Wuhan Sanyang Road Yangtze River Tunnel Project    [China]

For the category "Project of the Year" (with a budget between 50 and 500 M€)

  • Construction of two parallel tunnels for the Mexico City - Toluca suburban railway    [Mexico]
  • New Badaling Tunnel and Great Wall Station of Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway  [China]
  • WINNER Regional Connector Transit Project  Los Angeles  [United States of America]
  • SCL Immersed tube tunnels    Hong Kong, [China]
  • The New Ulriken Tunnel    [Norway]
  • Victory Boogie Woogietunnel    [Netherlands]

For the category "Project of the year incl. Renovation" (with a budget up to 50 M€)

  • Finsbury Park Station Step Free Access    [United Kingdom]
  • Modernization of the Vladivostok tunnel of the Far Eastern Railway    [Russian Federation]
  • Outram Park Linkway Tunnel (Thomson Line)    [Singapore]

For the category "Technical Project Innovation of the year"

  • Innovation and Application of New Single-hole Double-line Quasi-rectangular Shield Tunnel Technology System    [China]
  • Intersecting and Overlapping (Twisted) Tunnel Group Construction Technology for Tianjin Metro Lines 5 and 6 Lot 1    [China]
  • Rapid Construction Technology for Large Cross-section Extremely Gassy Tunnel    [China]
  • WINNER Toulouse Line A underground stations extension    [France]

For the category "Technical Product/Equipment Innovation of the year"

  • ARCHITA, an innovative multi-dimensional mobile mapping system    [Italy]
  • WINNER Autonomous TBM    [Malaysia]
  • AXON    [Australia]
  • Tunnel Inspection 4.0 – Smart Tunnel Maintenance using Artificial Intelligence    [Switzerland]

For the category "Innovative Underground Space Concept of the year"

  • Building Large Prefabricated Urban Underground Space with Small TBMs for Subsection Undercutting    [China]
  • SNWA Low Lake Level Pumping Station - Underground    [United States of America]
  • WINNER - Underground Green Farming    [Switzerland]

For the category "Safety Initiative of the Year"

  • WINNER - Air Quality Working Group: An industry-first collaboration on silica dust control    [Australia]
  • An Automatic Geological Forward-prospecting Technique Safeguarding TBM Tunneling    [China]

For the category "Young Tunneller of the Year"

  • WINNER - Amanda Kerr    [United States of America]
  • Diwakar    [Singapore]
  • Elliot James Fern    [Switzerland]
  • Sun Feng    [China]
  • Yutaka Okuda    [Japan]

For the category "Lifetime Achievment Award"

  • WINNER -Dr Harvey Parker
  • Keith Keloe
    By Keith Keloe

    How transparent is this ITA Award selection? Is it possible to see who voted for which project and justification?

  • Ravnish Sharma
    By Ravnish Sharma

    Most disturbing list.

  • Alan Limbach
    By Alan Limbach

    ITA website says The 17-strong expert judging panel, chaired by the ITA President Jinxiu (Jenny) Yan, has concluded its deliberation and based on the detailed evaluation, 32 entries have been chosen as finalists and will participate in the second evaluation stage to determine winners.

    Who are these 17 judges? Here they are:

    Jenny Yan
    ITA President

    Chair of panel of judges
    Keith Bannerman
    Chair of ITA YMG
    Michael Belenkiy
    ITA Expert
    Russian Federation
    Tarcisio Celestino
    ITA Past-President
    Nick Chittenden
    ITAtech Chair
    United Arab Emirates
    Hangseok Choi
    ITA Executive Council Member
    South Korea
    Arnold Dix
    ITA Vice President
    Soren Eskesen
    ITA Former President
    Brian Fulcher
    WG14 Animateur
    United States of America
    Robert Goodfellow
    UCA of SME Chair
    United States of America
    Zhu Hehua
    Professor of Geotechnical Engineering
    Martin Knights
    ITA Former President
    United Kingdom
    Éric Leca
    ITA Past Vice President
    RIck Lovat
    TAC Vice Chair
    Jairo Pascoal
    CBT President
    Suresh Sharma
    TAI Board member
    Tris Thomas
    Editor Tunnelling Journal
    United Kingdom
    Maximilian Wietek
    ITA COSUF Chair


    The question is whether they accountable for their choices? I mean, do they produce a report for justifying their choices? Or they just say `because I like it more' or 'because I say so'?


  • Coert Klomp
    By Coert Klomp

    How representative can this panel of judges be? If you look at the judges, they are all current or ex-something. "ITA past-president", "ITA former-president", "Chair of something' "ITA past vice president" .. .. ..

    As if a clique running ITA for generations. As if they helped each other to the influential positions in the organization and help each other stay there. As if it is not a democracy but a clique helping themselves to power. As if.

    How different could their preferences be in this award candidate selection? Where are the other voices in ITA? Can there be other voices in ITA? Are other voices allowed to exist in ITA?

    questions questions questions. What are the answers?


  • Paolo Kerguel
    By Paolo Kerguel

    No need to be so harsh on ITA and award candidates.

    How do you know that these are the "favoured candidates"? What evidence do you have? Have you seen the full list of candidates before this shortlist? If you haven't seen the full list, how on earth can you claim that it is a crooked shortlist list? You cannot.

    My opinion:

    Major Project of the Year: I think this is a pretty good list. All interesting projects.

    Project of the Year: Again, I do not know the full list, but this short list is interesting.

    Project of the Year incl. Renovation: I have no opinion on this category.

    Technical Project Innovation of the Year: 4 Innovative projects and 3 of them are from China and 1 from France. Really? Among all the tunneling projects all over the World the most innovative 3 are from China? And what was the last time you've heard France paired with innovation?

    Technical Product Innovation of the Year: I have no opinion over this.

    Innovative Underground Space Concept of the year: Chinese project looks pretty interesting.

    Safety Initation of the Year: Why are there only 3 in shortlist while the other categories have more? Because the innovation area is safety ...

    Young Tunneller of the Year: I have no opinion over this.



  • Abbas Shakir
    By Abbas Shakir

    Here Jury members nationality. Is there correlation with the countries of shortlisted projects?

    2 China

    2 Australia

    2 USA

    2 Brazil

    2 UK

    1 South Korea

    1 Russia

    1 UAE (an Englishman? LOL)

    1 Denmark

    1 france

    1 India

    1 Switzerland

  • M. Demir
    By M. Demir

    I agree why Gerede tunnel not in list? Jury busy with own country project candidate?

  • Marcelo D. Rodriguez
    By Marcelo D. Rodriguez

    Follo Line is a good candidate in Majore project.

  • Danilo Merges
    By Danilo Merges

    ITA forgets Latin America.

  • Engin Ünverdi
    By Engin Ünverdi

    ITA list is a power-reflection list of powerful ITA members, Not objective list.

  • Roger N.R. Denton
    By Roger N.R. Denton

    Sustainable Underground Structures category. Some details about the candidates

    ITA Awards to Recognize Sustainable Underground Structures

    ITA's “Project of The Year up to €50M including renovation” award category showcases new examples of ongoing rehabilitations of underground infrastructures.

  • Paolo Kerguel
    By Paolo Kerguel

    I think it is nowadays

    Countdown to ITA Awards 2019

    The 5th edition of the ITA Awards will be held from 18 to 20 November 2019 in Miami, Florida

  • Roger N.R. Denton
    By Roger N.R. Denton

    Anbody heard about the winners or have any early info?

    • Kris Lubcek
      By Kris Lubcek

      Today I shall add the results at the bottom.

      • Kris Lubcek
        By Kris Lubcek

        I have marked the winners in the list of the finalists